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Made to be less hated

IPHONE_FEED_v1_0021 1.png

HP in partnership with AKQA launched a campaign for the HP Smart Tank printer.

Based on the insight that printer-rage is a universally shared experience, the “Made to be less hated” campaign stays true to the insight and pictures Humans and their wildly different reactions when faced with failing printers - from anger, to laughter, tears or apathy.

Being cartridge-free, refillable, reliable and cost-efficient, the HP Smart Tank is a great leap for the printing mankind, solving the too well-known printer pains with its innovative features. 

So, to position HP as the smarter and sincere choice where you not only save time and money, but also your sanity, we don’t promise that you’ll love it, but you won’t hate it as much as your previous printer.

TVCs launched in Sweden and Norway.

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